A Thousand Oceans

Twentyfour years old Meikel Willer is forced to leave his best friend Björn on the Maledives because freedom-loving Björn has decided not to return back to everyday life. Back home, Meikel realises that something must have happened while he was away. But his family doesn’t communicate about it. Meikel, who always wanted to fulfill his parent’s expectations, feels more and more like a misfit. Especially his father, who had always favored him, treats him inexplicably hostile. They advise him not to bring back Björn. Meikel becomes curious and wants to find out what secret lies behind Björn’s refusal to return. But as his brother Eric slightly opens up to him, Meikel manages to reconstruct piece by piece. And the closer he gets to the hidden secret of Björn, the more he realises that he is on the run from his own family. He understands that he doesn’t have to rescue Björn but himself. Meikel faces up to the demons of his childhood with all his power to finally be able to go the way he avoided his whole life. His last decision is so serious that it could even destroy his family’s life forever. And then, on a desert road in the wood, a fatal car accident happens in which four of five young people die right away.


Luki Frieden


Luki Frieden / Jasmine Hoch
Adaption et dialogues: Thommie Bayer


Max Riemelt, Thierry van Werweke, Nicole Max, Joel Basman, Max Simonischek, Sabine Berg, Lale Yavas




Iris Productions (Luxemburg)

Year of production: 

Zurich Film Festival, Zürich 2008
22. Internat.Filmfest Braunschweig 2008
Berner Filmpreis 2008
Solothurner Filmtage 2009
Max Ophüls Filmpreis, Saarbrücken 2009
Int.Filmfestival San Luis Obispo,USA 2009
Kulturstiftung Eurasia Foundation,
Orenburg, Russland 2009
NOMINATION Schweizer Filmpreis, 2009 für Filmmusik
19. Filmkunstfest, Schwerin, D 2009
Int.Film Festival Emden-Norderney,Gewinner des EZetera Filmpreises, D 2009
Fünf Seen Filmfestival, Starnberg,D 2009
Internationales Filmfestival Norwegen, Haugesund, 2009
Madrid-Mostoles International Film Festival 2009
14. Int. Filmfestival Ourense, 2009, Spanien
23rd Leeds International Film Festival 2009
FILMZ-Festival des deutschen Kinos,Mainz,2009, Deutschland
12.Univerciné Nantes - Deutsches Kinofestival, 2009, Nantes, Frankreich
Festival Augenblick, Alsace Cinemas, 2010, Benfeld, Frankreich
Festival International Madeira 2010


Distribution Switzerland: Frenetic Films, Zurich
Distribution Luxemburg: Distributions Iris Films



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