Our child

Lea and Thomas: a young, middle class married couple happily expecting their first child. They are preparing to move into  a new, larger apartment, and the nursery is already furnished. Both are firmly entrenched in their jobs, as well: She is about to make the big jump in her career with an NGO, he has a good job as an engineer in a metal company.

During a routine medical examination of their child in the womb – it turns out that additional tests must be done in order to rule out Trisomy 21. Lea has herself and the child subjected to these additional tests. But when Thomas finally insists on having the risky amniocentesis procedure done in order to have one hundred per-cent diagnostic certainty, she refuses, deeming it a step too far. No one is perfect, and somebody can always find something. She simply feels that the baby is healthy. Their happy relationship is subjected to the torturous question of knowing and not-knowing over and over again. And just as Lea and Thomas realise that they need each other most of all, it seems to be too late for their child....


Luki Frieden


Jan Poldervaart


Sonja Riesen

Thomas U. Hostettler

Jaël Malli

Nicolas Rosat


Theres Scherer

Year of production: 

TV Broadcast SF1 sunday 9th November 2014 at 8 p.m.

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