"I am Goalie"

Standing outside the prison gate, Goalie is waiting in vain for his best friend Ueli whom he did not betray and then ended up doing a year in jail for. „Small change, just a temporary setback“ he says. From now on everything will be better.

He sets off to Schummertal, his home town, a small town where everyone knows everyone. He’s coming back to start over, this time without drugs. Goalie is clean.

Ueli, meanwhile, is more than ever into drugs. He can’t understand why Goalie is suddenly changing his style and wants to become a square like all the rest of them. They cannot reconnect even though they have been close since childhood. Goalie finds work and falls in love with Regula, a waitress who is otherwise attached, unfortunately. With unbending optimism he fights for her love.

When Regula’s boyfriend beats her up, Goalies’ moment has arrived. He packs her up and takes her with him to a buddy’s house in Spain.There they are happy, but their happiness doesn’t last. The past catches up with him and threatens to destroy his newfound love. Regula senses that his best friend and his buddies have used him and confronts Goalie with her suspicions. In her eyes he has the wrong friends.

Goalie needs to go back. He wants to know the truth and the truth he finds hits him hard: it was Ueli who, to save his own skin, had ratted him out.

Deeply disappointed and hurt, Goalie leaves Schumertal and moves to Bern—but not without first asking Regula to join him...



Sabine Boss


Sabine Boss

Pedro Lenz

Jasmin Hoch


Markus Signer

Sonja Riesen

Pascal Ulli


C-Films AG



Year of production: 

Swiss Film Award 2014

Best Fiction Film

Best Screenplay

Best Actor

Best Film Score

Film award of Bern 2014

Public film award of Bern 2014

Film award of Zürich 2014

Price of the Swiss Filmcritics 2014

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