Ronnie Vandella is the owner of a frozen food company in a sleepy village in Moselle. His feelings seem to be as frozen as his products. Living under the thumb of a domineering and man-hungry mother, Ronnie’s days are determined by daydreams, lonely-hearts ads, the band of the volunteer fire brigade and his weekly visits to Mama Vandella, a slightly whacky ex-stewardess. He really only comes alive when he discusses air guitar playing and vinyl records with his old friend Lars, an aging rocker and cynic to boot. Then, one day a marvellous being arrives in the village. Zoya, young and attractive, finds work as a housekeeper for the village minister, and in no time she turns all the men’s heads. Ronnie, too, woos her and before long they are married. But with Zoya’s arrival strange things begin to happen. Everyone who tries to poke around in Zoya’s past either dies or disappears. And although he loves her deeply, Ronnie is seized by an ancient fear: men’s fear of women. The first victim is Speck, the overeager village policeman whose body is found frozen in Ronnie’s storage room. The next to disappear are a nosy music-manager and the collector Popovic. Finally even Ronnies best friend Lars is killed. For Ronnie – as well as for the viewer – it’s obvious: a man-killing vamp has settled in the village. The story is told in an intensive dialogue between Ronnie and his psychiatrist, Professor Dr. Redegeld (talkmoney). Only when he finally visits Ronnie in his village does the professor begin to suspect who is behind the ice-cold murders.


Andy Bausch


Andy Bausch
Jean-Louis Schlesser


Peter Lohmeyer
Lale Yavas
Thierry van Werveke
Marco Lorenzini
André Jung


Iris Productions S.A. (Luxembourg)
Nicolas Steil


Theres Scherer-Kollbrunner
Wega Filmproduktion GmbH (Österreich)
Veit Heiduschka

Year of production: 

Solothurner Filmtage 2007


Distribution Switzerland: Frenetic Films, Zürich
Distribution Luxemburg: Paul Thiltges Distribution

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