Balthasar Burkhard

The film has two themes: the photographer returning to the landscapes he first captured on film in the 1960's and the photographer at work in his studio in Bern, processing a large-format landscape print. The return to the landscapes of his early years becomes a journey through the entire oeuvre of Balthasar Burkhard: what cameras did he use in the beginning? when was which camera introduced? Or: how is it that his formats have grown larger while the subject matter has become increasingly minimalist? How did he create the pictures of the megacities, the desert, or the jungles of the Amazon? Is nature at its most beautiful when it is touched by a mere hint of light? While he discusses these questions Balthasar Burkhard is standing on a bare field of cropland. The setting recalls the vast expanse of rough earth that he combined with a view of a small plane over light clouds in a 1969 serigraphy. These narrative passages in a natural setting are contrasted with footage of Burkard at work in his studio. Focusing on the photographer’s work in the photo lab these pictures document the most important phase in the creation of a photograph apart from the actual shooting.


Bernhard Giger


Bernhard Giger


Theres Scherer-Kollbrunner

Year of production: 

Documentary 12'

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